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Laurinda's Mini-Preschool

Hands on Learning



Posted on 4 January, 2016 at 21:10

The Holidays are over and finally it starts to feel like winter!!

This month the children will be talking about winter, how animals survive in the wild and Martin Luther King.

While learning about winter the children will be playing with some winter gear, like gloves, mittens, hats and scarves. With those they will also do some sorting, counting and comparing, at the same time they will be experiencing different fabrics and textures. Children will develop awareness of cold temperatures and the three states of water like liquid, solid and gas. They will also be introduced to thermometors. Hopefully we will get some real snow for more fun!

The children will also be talking about animals and how they survive through the winter. They will learn about hibernation, migration, and how some other animals adapt to changes in the environment. They will be discussing characteristics of pets, mammals and birds. Our dramatic area will be a pet store and a veterinary's office.

They will be drawing, painting and creating animal habitats with a variety of materials that will be available to them.

Martin Luther King's Birthday is a good time to talk about our differences and discuss how to be good citizens in and out of our class. 

To emphasize children's learning we will be reading a selection of books related to our discussions, the children will develop print awareness, participate in group discussions, and relate to events.

I am sure that your child will be very busy one way or the other!!

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