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Laurinda's Mini-Preschool

Hands on Learning


Cool Summer activities

Posted on 23 July, 2016 at 15:00
Here are a few cool summer activities and snacks developed by Suzanne Gellens for the Southern Early Childhood Association. "Children are curious. Capitalize on their curiosity and help them make sense of the world around them. Why did the puddle dry up? Why do we need to water the flowers often? You can extend your child's learning by helping them to research the answers, both in books and on the Internet. However, hands-on activities are the best way to learn. Children will remember better if they actual experience it. Everything children experience becomes a learning moment. COOL Things to Do: Here are some fun and simple activities to share with your child. These types of inquiries teach children to think. Place ice cubes in the sandbox and time the melting process. (You can also use a pan filled with sand.) How is the sand different? Where did the moisture come from? In some Southern states, children have seen snow, so connect that experience with the ice melting now. During a rainstorm, collect rain in a cup. 1) Measure it. 2) Put it in the freezer. What happens to the water? 3) Put it in the sun. Does it disappear? Why? 4) Boil it on the stove to create steam. (Make sure that your child is a safe distance from the stove and water.) What happened to the water? COOL Snacks: In the summer, cool, nutritious snacks not only taste good but they also provide information to help children to solidify their answers to the above questions. Fruit Popsicles: Put bananas and strawberries into a blender. Freeze in cubes with a stick. Discuss the feel of the fruit before and after they are frozen. Why do the popscicles drip as they melt? Sun Tea: Place a large clear jar of water in the sun and add tea bags. Why did the color of the water and taste change? Why does the jar feel warm? ??? Fruit Smoothies: Blend different combinations of fruit with coconut water ice cubes. If there are no allergies, add yogurt for protein. How did the mixture become a liquid? " Copyright © 2016 Southern Early Childhood Association, All rights reserved

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