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Laurinda's Mini-Preschool

Hands on Learning


Holiday Season

Posted on 2 December, 2015 at 13:25

 During the holiday season we will be very busy here at Laurinda's Mini-Preschool, the children will be using all their senses while learning about this jolly season.

For those who celebrate Christmas a tree is a must, for that reason, the children will be learning about christmas trees, where they come from, how they grow and how they get to us. They will analise evergreens and decorate a tree in our classroom, with ornaments that they will create.

Since the children love to ask Santa what they want for Christmas we will be discussing what is a want and a need, the children will be making post cards for their family members and writing their Christmas list. They will also learn how children around the world celebrate Christmas.

Around this time at night we also see lots of lights outside, the children will be exploring light and making some light experiments, and they will be baking cookies inspired by our Gingerbread Boy.

Through music and movement the children will pretend that they are Christmas Trees, Reindeer, and Santa Claus.

Daily they will develop math concepts by playing with a variety of manipulative toys and building with blocks.

In the Dramatic center they will be exploring the holiday season through their imagination, from dressing up to cooking or shopping.

During this time of year it is a good opportunity to talk to your child about giving, sharing and to help them develop empathy for others. Please read the naeyc article 10 Tips for Raising a compassionate Infant-Toddler to get some ideas.




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